Welcome to the Road Trip

To be honest, I don’t know where any of this is going to go.

I just know that Spirit is leading me to write about my experiences as a Lightworker/ Spiritual Activist and how they both played a significant role in my coming out as an Agender trans masculine individual.  I’m also being called to use this platform to reach out to others who incorporate their spirituality/spiritual ideologies with radical politics to empower themselves and their communities.

So, with Divine guidance, I created the Chuck Taylor Scribe.  Why?  For one, I swear by Converse sneakers.  But most importantly, the title represents the new generation of Lightworkers (or other types of spiritual practitioners) that go against the grain of the typical metaphysical practitioner.  In fact, the new generation tends to be the antithesis of what I call the Louise Hay metaphysicals–White, older, apolitical, heterosexual, and believers of positive psychology (though there’s is nothing with that whatsoever, as Ms. Hay and her work continues to help many people).

I, like you, fall into the “new generation” category: I’m a Black trans masculine person who has struggled with mental illness, has a learning disability, and is known to become moody or angry at injustice or disrespect.  But I’m an intuitive medium/Empath/Healer who follows politics because, as a messenger spirit in human form, self-education is paramount.  I am to know and understand the issues that affect the world and its people in order to effectively utilize my abilities and the written word to promote spiritual and political empowerment.

So every week, I’ll post Spirit-led words of wisdom about my journey as a trans individual, my spirituality and spiritual/political ideologies.  I’m going to share stories about how spirituality help me overcome severe trauma and how I’m at peace with my old self enough to do the political work necessary to fight the injustice inflicted upon the Black community and LGBTIQA+ demographic–the queer and trans community especially.

I know this is a lot to take in, but this road trip was a long time coming.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy it because I assure you that it’ll be a learning (and life-shifting) experience for all involved.


Javi Mason, Creator of the The Chuck Taylor Scribe