Louis Javier Mason (also known as Javi) is a self-published author, poet, podcaster, storyteller, teacher, and lightworker/Spiritual Activist. In 2016, they published the political science-fiction novel, The One Taken from the Sea of Stars under the pen name Octavia Davis.  They are currently working on a book about being their personal and spiritual journey and how both encouraged their coming out as trans.  They are also a contributor to The Empty Closet, Rochester’s monthly LGBTIQA publication.

In addition to being an active author, Mason is a member of the Rochester, New York storytelling troupe Come As You Are. They also taught Character and Chapter Development 101, a six-week long workshop at Writers and Books.  Lastly, they are the host of The Bow Tie Psychic Podcast.  In their spare time, Mason reads, writes, takes naps, and spends time with beloved cat-son, Tobias.  Follow Mason on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Medium. Follow the Chuck Taylor Scribe here on WordPress. Follow the Bow Tie Psychic Podcast on and Spotify.