In addition to everything else I do, I’m now a copywriter! What I do is strive to capture the voice and energy of both the CEO and the business itself to help generate revenue for the company.  I found that copywriting is similar to character and chapter development for a novel, utilizing words to grab the attention of the target audience.  While employing my creative writing experiences into my work as a copywriter, I also use my spiritual gifts to create a vision that uniquely reflects the mission and environment of the business.  I personally communicate with the CEO to get a sense of how they want my words to help their establishment.  Here’s a review from my Spiritual Advisor/Friend/First Customer Nahkila Isha’, CEO of Ashworth Scott Life Sculpting LLC:

“Javi has been an incredible blessing in my life and business. As a rapidly budding business there are so many components that are required for a business to properly function- copy is one of them. Not only is Javi a top-of-the-line writer, Javi is also very spiritually in tune as a psychic medium. This gift is one of the things that sets Javi apart from other copywriters. Javi is able to listen to your vision as a brand and connect with spirit for guidance on how to create copy that that truly says all that’s in your heart and all you envision for your brand. Javi totally removes self when copywriting for others and all that remains is your voice, your heart, and your soul. I highly recommend Javi to anyone seeking the assistance of a true professional with immense talent.”

If you are interested in hiring me as your copywriter, feel free to reach out to me through the Contact page and tell me more about your project.